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Horvath Johann

Review by Ms. Hema Lavanya Das

Sree Mayapur, Near Krishna Nagar, Nadia, West Bengal Pin 741313 Gournagar-Sachinagar, Krsna Kaliya Bhavan Phone : 98328 39683 After I checked out the ingredients on your website, I decided to take it as a daily supplement to preserve my health and therefore I ordered Govind Madhav Herbal Tea. The taste is excellent with pure honey. I will recommend it to everyone to take it daily in order to keep good health. I take the tea for my own good health, now everyday, as a nutritional supplement. I am 56 years in this body, in good health and trying my best to remain healthy as long as possible. Since your tea is in the natural food supplement category I like it very much. I intend to give the tea as a gift to my friends as an inspiration for a healthy life style. I can testify after a Couple of months of using Govind Madhav herbal tea. That it is in deed worth every paisa I paid for it. I even found a different way of using it. Now I mix every day one tea spoon full of the powder into my morning muesli. It gives the muesli a wonderful taste and is very healthy on top of it. This is not an advertisement, just my honest observation. I'm not in any way involved in the marketing of this tea and was not asked by anyone to write this testimony. PS: He ordered 11 kg for personal use. We supplied him some free samples and free transport (for > 10 kg) to Sri Mayapur.

Iskcon of Tallahassee

Review by Mr. Subuddhi Krishna Das

I tried the samples of Govind Madhav Herbal tea and we liked it. I was busy starting a vegetarian restaurant and a boutqiue for the temple here in Florida. I would like to place a small order for our shop. We have tried these out in our restaurant here as "Sampler" and people like it. Now we are ready to market them for you in North America. Please send me about 10 kgs. I want to introduce this to our customers in restaurant and also in the boutique. I supplied him more than 100 kg. He supplied to Brazil also.


Review by Mrs. Shyama Agrawal

I feel more comfortable and better. It tastes very good and it does well to health also at the same time. I had taken this Tea (tisane) for 2 months two times a day. I had Chronic sinusitis which used to trouble me every rainy season. I was amazed to notice that my deadly symptoms did not trouble me at all this season.