Ayurveda Guna (Physical Properties)

Guna – (Physical properties)

  • Drava (Fluidity): That pervades the entire body.
  • Guru (Heaviness): Which can induce the feeking of heaviness, dullness and fatigue and increase the quality of waste products and also impairs digestive functions.
  • Kathina (Hardness): Which causes stiffness and firmness of the body and excites Vata.
  • Khara (roughness): Leads to emaciation, retards formation of waste products and aggravates Vata.
  • Laghu (Lightener): Which leads to lightness (finness) of the body and help in digestion.
  • Manda (Dullness): Acts slowly and pacifies deranged dosha
  • Mridu (Softness): Means soft and loose on touch in relation to body tissues, stimulates Kapha and depress Vata nad Pitta.
  • Picchila (Sliminess): Makes the object slimy, increases body weight, promotes fracture and wound healing and stimulates excretory system.
  • Ruksha (Rough, Dryness): Which induces uncomfortable feeling in the body, acts against Kapha but promotes Vata, reduces vigour, virility and libido.
  • Sandra (Solidity): Which nourishes the body.
  • Sara (Mobility): Which stimulates excretory system.
  • Sheeta (Cold): Which produces cooling effect, promotes Vata and Kapha but acts against Pitta, impedes blood flow and reduces syncope.
  • Shlakshana (Smoothness): Promotes tissue synthesis, increases Kapha and Pitta and stimulates formation of excretory products.
  • Snigdha (Slimy, Unctutous): Which produces soothing effect of the body, acts against Vata and promotes Kapha and eliminates waste products.
  • Sthira (Immobility): Which renders the physiological functions normal and regular.
  • Sthoola (Bulkness): Not easily digestible, obstructs vessels, tubes and channels of the body.
  • Sukshma (Minuteness): Which penetrates through all parts of the body and stimulates Vata.
  • Tikshna (Sharpness): Sharp, highly potent, removes morbidity, promotes Pitta and works against Vata and Kapha
  • Ushna (Hot): Which increases body temperature, induces thirst, promotes Pitta but acts against Vata and Kapha, improves blood circulation, increases the amount of urine, excreta and sweat, stimulates appetite and digestive functions.
  • Vishada (Clarity): Which removes sliminess, promotes Vata and heals ulcers.

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