Meaning of Medical Terms



Gradually restores healthy bodily functions
Anodyne Capable of relieving pain
Antiperiodic Preventing regular recurrence of a disease or a symptom
Antispasmodic Relieves cramping pain in the abdomen
Aperient Mild purgative
Aromatic Gives soothing aroma (fragrance) and stimulates appetite
Carminative Relieves flatulence
Cholagogue Stimulates gall bladder contraction and promotes the flow of bile into the intestine
Colic Spasmodic (cramping) pain in the Abdomen
Demulcent Soothing
Digestive Helps in digestion of food
Dyspepsia Indigestion
Emmenagogue Promotes menstrual flow
Expectorant Increases bronchial secretion and facilities its expulsion
Fatigue A state of diminished capacity to respond effectively to stimulus reducing the efficiency of accomplishment
Flatulence Excessive formation of gases in stomach and intestine
Galactogogue An agent that promotes secretion of milk
Laxative Helps in smooth passage of stools
Nervine tonic Helps in toning up of brain and nerves
Refrigerant Cooling effect
Restorative An agent that promotes a renewal of health or strength
Sialogogue Producing Saliva
Stomachic A Gastric stimulant and Appetizer

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