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Thank you for visiting! My name is Dr. Satish Gosain. I am a graduate in medicine from Delhi University passed in 1973. I had worked in different capacities in various hospitals in Delhi. Presently I am running Dr. Bharti Nursing Home in Hari Nagar New Delhi India.


Being a doctor I have started this website about tea because I wanted to share my knowledge and passion for Herbal Teas, as well as impart the health benefits derived from this special beverage that has been revered for centuries.


I grew up in Delhi, India and have enjoyed different types of teas and tisanes my entire life till I joined ISKCON.


Tea Brewing At My Home

  • I used to keep a variety of loose leaf teas and herbals on hand because right from my college days I enjoyed different fruit blends, chai and flavored decaffeinated teas. For myself, I liked to "mix-it-up" a bit each day and brew several different types of tea.
  • I usually used to sip black tea in the morning and make green tea during the day. Then, I often brew a cup of herbal tea in the evening. And my wife Dr. Bharti Gosain was very fond of Black Tea.


By far, the most flavorful and satisfying cups of herbal tea are those that are properly brewed using quality loose teas. While tea bags are convenient, there is no comparison to the taste and aroma of loose teas.


My journey to Herbal Tea

  • Then I came to Krishna consciousness in 1985 where I was taught that Austerity (Tapah) is 3rd pillar of Dharma and it is necessary to safeguard it to progress in Krishna consciousness where it is required to avoid intoxicants of any kind.
  • Then I came to Krishna consciousness in 1985 where I was taught that Austerity (Tapah) is 3rd pillar of Dharma and it is necessary to safeguard it to progress in Krishna consciousness where it is required to avoid intoxicants of any kind.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, as well as any drink or food containing caffeine, cloud the mind, over-stimulate the senses, and make it impossible to follow the principles of bhakti-yoga.


Harmful effects of Black Tea

  • When indulged into excess it affects the heart, vasomotor center and motor nerves causes pallor and feeble pulse.
  • Strong tea affects nervous system causing tremulousness of the limbs, supra-orbital headache, nervousness, hallucinations and nightmare, disorder of the mental faculties, which amounts nearly to insanity. It has a degenerative effect on the nervous system analogue to what follows with the moderate dose of alcohol.
  • It affects stomach giving rise to nausea, vomiting and flatulent dyspepsia.


Herbal Tea for Krishna Conscious devotees

  • My initiated name is Sri Krishna Hari Das and I had Joined ISKCON in 1985 as congregational Life member & had 1st & 2nd initiation from H.H. Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj.
  • I am Preaching & giving discourses on Bhagavad-gita & Srimad Bhagavatam in ISKCON Sant Nagar, Punjabi Bagh, Rohini, Wazirabad, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Bahadurgarh, Gurgaon & Congregational preaching programs in Hari Nagar, Janakpuri, Paschim Vihar and Pitampura, since 1997. I have lectured at ISKCON centers in Allahabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Chandigarh, Belgaum, Goa.
  • I have been facing a practical problem during preaching. That people interested in Krishna Consciousness are willing to follow four regulative principles but find it difficult to leave Black Tea. Krishna Consciousness & Tea


So what is the solution?

  • Keeping in view of this utmost need to progress in Krishna Consciousness I studied Ayurveda and developed an Herbal Tea Infusion in 2002. I used to prepare a little quantity and distribute to congregation devotees who were getting ready for initiation (diksha) and could not leave black tea and it helped.
  • So now I am planning to make it available on the counters and have selected the name "GOVIND MADHAV HERBAL TEA".
  • Krishna Consciousness & Tea


Is it only for Krishna Conscious devotees?

  • Then I realized that this delightful, revitalizing, refreshing herbal tea with delicious taste and exotic flavor is not only helpful to Krishna Conscious devotees but it is a superb alternative to black tea and its body rejuvenating effect and health benefits are excellent. It is the tea for all ages.
  • It does not contain Black/Green Tea or Tulasi Leaves and is free from Caffeine and Tannin. Krishna Consciousness & Tea


Why I Built This Website

  • What has really captured my interest in recent years is the growing number of research studies that point to the impressive array of health benefits from tea consumption. And loose leaf teas have proven to have significantly more health benefits than bagged or bottled teas.
  • So a couple of days ago on the suggestion from a friend, I decided it was time to create a website about tea to share my knowledge and help people learn about tea.
  • Yet, I didn't know where to begin and had no website-building expertise. I only knew that I wanted to create an online herbal tea guide that would provide easy-to-find information on all aspects of loose leaf tea.


Sri Krishna Hari Das

(Dr. Satish Chander Gosain MBBS, DNB (i) Med)


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