Rosa Damascena (Gulab ke phool, Rose petals)

Rosa Damascena (Gulab ke phool, Rose petals)

Biological Name:

Rosa damascena





Other Names:

Damask rose, Shaptapatri, Gulab ka phool, Golap, Gulambanu phul, Golappu, Rojappu, Gulabihuvu


Habitat: Widley grown in gardens throughout India.


Additional Info:

  • It is hima (sheetaveerya), tikta (bitter), kashaya (astringent), efficacious in the treatment of skin diseases and acne vulgaris, appetizing, aromatic and beneficial in burning sesation and deranged pitta.
  • It is Dıpana (stimulates digestion), Dos.atrayaraktajit (balances all three dosas and the blood), Hrdaya (heart tonic, Affinity for the heart and benefits blood flow), Medhya (benefits the nervous system), Sukrala (increases semen).


Elements Applied:

Flowers, flower buds, petals, stamens, and a volatile oil (oleum Rosae), attar or otto of Rose.


Active Components: Volatile essential oils citronellol, geraniol, eugenol, fat, tannins (10-24%), gallic acid, flavanoids quercetin and red coloring matter.


Used for:

  • Mildly astringent, aperient (Mild purgative), carminative, and refrigerant (Cooling effect), cardiac tonic, expectorant, laxative and Aromatic (gives soothing aroma (fragrance) and stimulates appetite).
  • Good for gastric ulcers, gastric inflammation, acidity, enteritis and heartburn. Roses can help with fat metabolism and hence help to reduce blood lipid levels.
  • Rose’s nourishing effect on majja dhatu make it useful for nervous depression and anxiety. Its cooling quality can reduce symptoms of high pitta; red tongue tip, agitation, palpitations and headaches behind the eyes (Bhavaprakas´a). It opens the heart chakra, anahata, thus increasing patience, compassion and love.



1-3 masha (1-3 gm) per day can be taken safely. Exercise care. Herbs in Ayurvedic medicine are commonly mixed with other herbal medicines to reduce the toxic effect one of them may produce on the body.

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