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Meaning of Ayurvedic Terms

Sanskrit / Ayurvedic Terms

Amana-saka Destroys toxins
Anuloma Redirects the flow of vata downwards
Bhedanı-ya Purgative
Caksusya Benefits the eyes
Chardinigrahan Prevents nausea
Chedana Scratches toxins from the tissues
Dıpana Stimulates digestion
Dos.atrayaraktajit Balances all three dosas and the blood
Hikka nigrahan Alleviates hiccups
Hrdaya Heart tonic
Jıvanıya Vitalizing
Jvarahara Mitigates fevers
Kandughna Eliminates itching
Kanthya Benefits the throat
Kaphapittajit Conquers kapha and pitta
Kaphavatajit Alleviates kapha and vata
Kasa´svasahara Alleviates cough and breathing disorders
Kasahara Stops coughing
Kasasvasahara Benefits coughs and breathing difficulties
Krmighna Vermifuge kills parasites
Kusthaghna Alleviates skin diseases
Medashara Reduces fat tissue
Medhya Benefits the nervous system
Medohara Reduces fat tissue
Mutravirecana Diuretic
Nidra-janana Promotes sleep
Pacana Digestive
Pitta/vatahara Reduces pitta and vata
Pramathı Removes accumulated dosas from the dhatus
Pramehaghna Urinary disorders diabetic problems
Rakta´sodhana Purifies excess pitta from the blood
Raktapittahara Prevents bleeding from high pitta
Raktasodhana Purifies the blood
Raktastambhaka Vulnerary stops bleeding
Rasayana Rejuvenator - benefits all seven tissues
Pranava¯hasrotas Rejuvenative to respiratory system
Sandhanıya Mends bones
Sattva Increases clarity of consciousness.
Sirovirecana Cleanses the orifices of the head
Sonitasthapana Alleviates bleeding
Sukrala Increases semen
Sulaghna Removes colicky pain
Sulaprasamana Alleviates intestinal spasms and pain
Svasa Helps breathing
Svasahara Prevents asthma
Svedana Diaphoretic
Udardaprasaran Alleviates urticaria
Varnya Ulcer healing diabetic ulcers.
Vayahsthapana Antiageing

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